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2231 Landmark Place  •  Manasquan, NJ 08736
Phone: 732-370-4329  •  Fax: 732-905-6993
Established in 1910 by Saverio Iorio, the Iorio Construction Company is a general contracting company specializing in pre-engineered metal buildings for both commercial and industrial usage. Whether for storage of inventory, a manufacturing facility or a multi-usage facility with finished offices included, Iorio can meet the smallest and largest needs for both new and established companies. Iorio specializes in "turnkey" projects, providing facilities quickly, efficiently and within the proposed budget.

Iorio supervises all stages of construction. After working closely with the client to ensure all of their needs are met, Iorio will take care of all phases of the construction. Clients need never divert attention from their normal business operations to worry over plans, permits or inspections because Iorio takes care of every detail -- small and large. Upon completion customers will receive a facility in a completely ready to operate state.

Notable clients in Iorio's 95 year history include General Foods, Hyatt Roller Bearing, RCA and Westinghouse. Iorio has provided facilities for businesses of every magnitude from local and national to internationally renowned companies.

Whether you need a small facility to establish your business or a multiple building location to handle international operations, Iorio has a PLAN for you!